Best Kampala Date Spots


To go on a date in Kampala, you will be spoilt for choice given the many places where you can go to catch up. Kampala’s cozy spots seem to be fighting for space on the list of date venues and only the different tastes of the patrons help differentiate between one and the other.

Kampala’s citizens, or generally, Ugandans, have been described as cool and collected. That would call for places that attract introverts, although there are a variety of places, it is the extroverts that are well catered for.

In many places, Kampala has been called the party capital of East Africa. The city might not have as many rich people as, say, Nairobi, but the spirit of its citizens dwarfs the other cities. There are, consequently many hook ups and liaisons that are established during dates.

Dating is not a new phenomenon in Kampala. It is perhaps new in the sense that in the past, people would not have to doll up or break the bank to go on dates. It was all smooth and easy even way back when there needed to be family chaperons.

Kampala’s dating scene today is very different. By the time someone asks you out on a date, it is almost always a given that they have scouted the favourable options and weighed their financial muscle. But in most cases, they have thought about other things like how accessible the venue is and what the ambience is like.

“I wouldn’t want to go on a date in a night club,” Christine, a respondent for this article says. Christine is a regular partygoer and she admits she goes on many dates. “I would want to go out to a place where I can listen to my date and also be secure in the knowledge that I am safe.”

So what places would a Kampalite like Christine want to go to?

Places with the right ambience in Kampala include but are not limited to the Terraces in Muyenga, Lotus Mexicana in Nakasero, Cassia Lodge in Buziga, Haandi Restaurant and Il Piato in Nakasero.

The venues down town are usually noisier and attract larger crowds. However there are those who like their dates noisy. For them, such places places like Nandos on Kampala Road and Domino’s Pizza might be the place to go. The Revolving Restaurant on top of Garden City is also a favourite spot for dates.

One of the best places to take your date any time of the day is the Panorama Coffee Shop on the 9th floor of Worker’s House. Up there during the day, you will look upon the day’s goings on from the vantage point of a god. From up there, you would feel invincible and almost omniscient. At night, Kampala looks very beautiful without the eyesores that are the rooftops of shorter buildings. What better place to pop difficult questions that this?

Most of the places that would make a good date spot are centrally located so transport there is not a big issue. Advance planning is important given the chaotic traffic the city suffers on any given evening. Many citizens, being working people, will understandably go on dates in the evening, after work.

Many restaurants will save a table for you if you call early. It is common to find tables with RESERVED cards perched on them. In most cases, a couple is coming to dinner. Such couples are good planners whose date will not go awry.

Think about the logistics of transport and how much you are going to spend when on the date. It is a major project that cannot go wrong from inception to completion. In a new dispensation, Kampala’s dating men are becoming more suave when it comes to the dating game.

At The Terraces, you will not spend less than 30,000 UGX for a meal. Add another 30,000 UGX for unforeseen in the restaurant; you can’t be too sure about your date’s preferences.

In addition to this vital component of your budget, you will have to save at least 30,000 UGX for smooth transport if you are driving there. Fuel has to be just enough, what with all these gridlocks. Either way, for those looking to get to know each other, Kampala offers up many notable attractions. So what are you waiting for? Make that call and good luck!

Other Kampala spots of note

  • Ekitoobero Restaurant for Ugandan dishes
  • Fang Fang Chinese Restaurant consistently good Chinese food
  • Garden City Mall Food court
  • Mamma Mia for some of the best ice cream in town
  • Mamba Point on Akii Bua Road. An upscale joint that usually attracts the affluent
  • Le Chateau at Quality Cuts on Gabba Road
  • Freedom City (quite affordable)
  • Mediteraneo Restaurant
  • Lawn – Opposite Golf Course
  • Cafe Javas (has different points around Kampala)
  • Antonios at Pioneer Mall
  • Le Petit
  • Fido Dido (known for Ice cream)


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