5 Safety Driving Tips for Uganda Road Trippers


Road trips in Uganda are some kind of trips that accumulate lots of fun and adventure experience as a traveler traverse to the different tourism destinations on his/her own without putting up with a safari guide driver that may intrude the independence and privacy needed on the trip. There is a growing number of travelers taking Uganda road trips and according to reviews from past road trippers. Though road trips are very stunning, a traveler has to be so careful by putting into consideration car rental safety tips as most of the clients who took these trips barely know the areas or place in Uganda.

The car rental safety tips on a Uganda road trip are important for your life and also for your trip to be successful as they shrug off the hindrances you may face on the trip. Here are some of the car rental safety tips to apply on your Uganda road trip;

  1. Always make sure that you get both personal insurance and comprehensive car insurance. The personal insurance can be gotten from your travel company back home but for the case of car comprehensive insurance is normally a responsibility of the car rental companies. In Uganda, most car rental companies have rental cars that are comprehensively insured and this may not be of a worry to you. Insurance is very important as this protects from incurring the hefty expenses that may occur during the damages caused while driving on your Uganda road trip in case of unforeseen calamities.
  2. Ensure that you have all the necessary items needed for a Uganda road trip from the driving license that may be asked of you along the way by the authorities to know whether you are eligible to drive a car to the travel maps, clothes, some food stuffs, first aid kit and also medical supplies.  The mentioned travel items are very important for your road trip as you will need them in every way while on the road or tourism destinations.
  3. Always inspect the vehicle before you set off for your journey.  Check the physical and mechanical conditions of the car by taking photos of the car and also taking a test drive session before to know whether the vehicle will be good for your Uganda road trip.
  4. Always drive defensively in very unfamiliar areas to void problems like accidents. You should always go slow and always be steady and firm on the steering.  Always give way to those over driving and take it easy in the end it will do you good.
  5. Make sure that you always lock the car when you are leaving it and also park it in visible places. You should not put you valuable reachable and visible places while in the car and while getting out of the car make sure that you go with them.  This is a precaution; there are some petty thieves willing to take up these opportunities of being negligent to take these valuables.

Therefore If you’re heading out on a road trip in Uganda, make sure to be well acquainted with the above holiday travel safety tips to ensure you and your passengers get where you’re going unscathed. If you have any safety driving tips you’d like to share, please let us know in the comment section below. You can never be too careful, so the more advice, the better.



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