What Are The Best Options For Renting a Car In Uganda?

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What are the best options for renting a car in Uganda? Renting a car in Uganda or any destination to some travelers may seem easy but it is such a tedious task. For any plans to visit Uganda for a safari, a rental car should be one of your priority areas. Hiring a car is currently the ideal option for tourists to explore Uganda- The Pearl of Africa.

Rental cars are amazing means of getting around Uganda. Renting a car guarantees you comfort, and privacy while on an adventure, business, honeymoon, or leisure/research. When choosing a rental car, everyone has his or her interests to meet. For first-time or repeat travelers, here are the best options for renting a car in Uganda;

Visit offices of the car hire company or go online

Now that you have concluded that you will require a rental car in Uganda, the next will be to visit the company offices- this is for visitors nearby and or search online the available car hire companies. Regardless of your search engines, type in the keywords or car type you would like to use for a road trip in Uganda.

At this step, cross-check various car hire agencies or companies, look at the services they offer if there are any discounts to enjoy, the available rental car options to hire, etc. This is the stage when you will decide which car hire company to deal with.

Inquire about the rental car

The kind of car you will hire for traveling in Uganda will be determined by the purpose of your trip. Alternatively, you can be guided by an expert from the car hire company that you will be dealing with. You can get better suggestions from your expert and you can benefit from this by contacting the car hire company, inquire more about details of the car you plan to use. The important details to inquire more about include capacity, fuel type, prices, mechanical conditions, and others. There are two options to get in touch with a car hire company- you can visit the offices or contact the reservation team.

Request for prices

Rental car prices do vary from one type of car or company to another. At this stage, you should expect the car hire company to present to you a detailed quote comprising car rental rates, unlimited mileage, relevant local government taxes, comprehensive insurance cover, etc.

Negotiate for prices

When hiring a car in Uganda, there is room for negotiation. You will get to know what or how much the car rental company will require you to pay as the last price. Note, hire a car in Uganda for more days to enjoy discount offers. The reservation team will send you details for you to make a deposit and this is after you have finally agreed on the last/final rate.


30-50% is usually the deposit range for most car hire companies. You will be required to make this deposit so as to have your rental car booked. Payment for your car hire services is open and flexible. You can alternatively make full payment and for those of you who will deposit half of the total amount of hiring a car, you will be required to clear the balance on the day of picking up your car.

Confirm reservation

Once your deposit or full payment has been successfully received, a soft copy of stamped and signed receipt will be sent to you via email or other platforms. This is a confirmation that your rental car reservation has been confirmed.

Pick up your car

The last step is mainly for you to pick up the car as agreed with the car rental company in Uganda. Today, essential documents to have include National Identity Card, valid passport, driver’s license, etc.


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