Chameleon Calls for Prayers to End Sudan War


Tubonge star, Jose Chameleon who is still in the UK where he went for his Tubonge concerts has poured out his heart to the people of the war prone Southern Sudan.

“When every continent is fighting to become strong financially,scientifically or even squeeze to dominate the sky, some African countries are busy exchanging bullets and innocent people are dying defenselessly,” Chameleon Wednesday expressed to his fans on social network.

He went on to show his disgust with what is going in South Sudan, saying It is so shocking that Bentui South Sudan has become so dark.

“Streets covered with dead bodies……when shall our continent Africa restrain from such barbaric acts? Whoever is reading this, Lets Devote this week for prayers. Get sometime and pray for this continent.”

He called upon all religions and races to pray for the country.

However, this is not the first time Chameleon is expressing his hate for wars on the African continent and showing empathy for the human race.

Chameleon last year partnered with the American government on a project aimed at preaching peace in the Central African Republic where the fighting and killings between Muslims and Christians had escalated.

Chameleon’s concerns come only days after war in Southern gained peak in Southern Sudan rebels seized a strategic oil town, Bentiu state last week in a gun battle which according to reports left over 400 people dead.

And the fight is still ongoing.


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