Karamoja People Power Leader Refuses Bobi Wine Appointment


Kyadondo East Member of Parliament (MP) Hon Robert Kyagulanyi Sentamu alias Bobi Wine unveiled a list of leaders who are going to coordinate People Power activities across the country ahead of the Uganda 2021 General elections.

However, today afternoon, as soon as the list started making rounds on social media, Jie County MP, who according to People Power list is the Karamoja region coordinator Hon Adome Bildard (NRM) rejected the appointment.

In a post he made on social media, Bildard said, “I have seen a media circulation said to be from the people power fraternity of which my name again comes in as a coordinator for Karamoja region with a group of others I don’t believe are true karamojong or are just concoctions as well. I will officially make a statement on this matter when I get time. Looking at the list, it’s surely a presumption by the people power group that whoever voted against the age limit is for them. This is not true to some of us.”

He added, “Whereas it’s also my right to belong to any political party, it is also my right to be protected from circumstances that may be of jeopardy to my roles as a member of parliament from NRM. I will request to know what exactly the people power stands for, what they would wish me to do and how they expect me to do and how possibly it may be of help to the people I lead. Short of the above, I won’t be fooled to accept what I don’t see light in….

Please, it’s my humble request that those whose very interest has been to demonize me, wait a little till I confirm soonest my position. You can confirm yours any way, it’s your right.”

When the Grapevine talked to Hon. Bildard, he said, “I received a call yesterday from Joel Senyonyi at around 10:00pm in the night and he told me that they were considering my name for appointment in a People Power position. I told him to call me in the morning and tell me entirely why they want to appoint me, under what capacity because I belong to NRM. I waited for his call in the morning in vain, only to see a list with my name out today.”

He added, “I put that post to show that I was not in agreement with that appointment, until the leadership of people power explains to me in details.”


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