Katatumba Cries Out Over Gay Story Extortion


Rugiirwa Katatumba, son to city tycoon, Boney Katatumba has accused a one Nicholas, a journalist working with a local tabloid of trying to extort money from him over a gay related story.

According to Rugiirwa, the twin brother to singer Angella Katatumba, the journalist Wednesday met him at his Kabalagala based Bar and Restraurant, Obamas.

“He tried to extort some money from me, saying he had been were paid to write a ‘Gay story’ about me. He requested me to pay so as not to appear but I told him i wasn’t going to release a single coin to him,” Rugiirwa Wednesday posted on Facebook.

However, when UGO contacted Nicholas, he said he only went to Rugiirwa to get his part apart the allegations that he is gay and he refused to make any comment in this regard.

“If he alleges that I asked him for money, what was the amount I asked for? Did he tell you that? This is actually the same question that my boss asked upon being called. He even asked him for evidence but he failed to provide any. He is just trying to run away from the truth,” Nicholas reacted.

This comes at a time when several articles have been published by local tabloids about Rugiirwa and his relationship.

Most of the reports claim Rugiirwa’s marriage is on verge of collapse because of his closeness to men and this has aroused suspicion from his wife.


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