Ex-Henry Tigan Girlfriend to Luswata: Your Mouth Is For Sitting On


Urban Tv gossip presenter, Marry Luswata has already started getting beatings over her recent insults on some of the local celebrities.

The latest is from a one Rina Ramesh, former Henry Tigan’s girlfriend currently reportedly to be dating afro-beat singer, Jose Chameleone.

“It is wise to think before uttering ……it is a pity you aren’t. Mary Henry Tigan and we shall see how lucky you are. Your mouth is not in the right place, you should be sitting on it…,” Ramesh posted on Facebook in reaction to Luswata’s likening her skin colour to that of bleached socialite, Shanita Namuyimba alias Bad Black.

“Find your level sweetheart. Who are you to know if one has bad luck or not? Investigate before displaying stupidity,” she added.

Mary Luswata on one of her shows accused Ramesh of bleaching herself. She also further said the light skinned beauty is unlucky for that is the reason why Tigan phased out after dating her. she also added that Ramesh will never find a long lasting relationship.

Luswata was unknown not until of recent; thanks to her insults on local celebrities. From calling Judith Heard uneducated to calling a one Farouk, Zari’s current boyfriend “ugly”.

Ranesh joins a list of people who have hit back at Luswata. Last week Heard, known for calmness towards media opened up on the insults thrown at her by asking why Luswata was talking ill about her.

This was later followed by the muscular Farouk who vowed to teach Luswata a lesson. “Even if we were to put gender differences into consideration, I am way prettier than Luswata,” Farouk hit back.


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