Kato Lubwama Hits Runway, Showcases Modelling Skills


Veteran comedian, actor and musician, Kato Lubwama Friday showcased his fashion skills.

The CBS radio presenter who is better known for his music and acting seems not to allow to be left out on anything.

This was witnessed at a recent Fashion Runway Project launching launching Silhouette Fashion House, held at Sheraton Hotel that were organised by a one Josephine Nakafeero.

The event saw the a bulgy stomached, round eyed comedian dressed in a blue shirt dotted with white spots, black trousers and shoes hit together with other popular TV and radio presenters like; NBS’ Joe KIgozi, Dembe FM’s Bina Baibe among others hit the runway amid applause from the audience.

Putting on a serious face, walking like a male model, you would hardly see a comedian in him. Despite provocations of calling his name and mentioning some of the popular phrases from the commercials he has made, he ignored and opted for a simple smile.

Lubwama is a popular and multi-million comedian with hundreds of successful commercials to his name. Some of his popular commercials include those he made for Airtel, Star Times among others.

The comedian owns a music band Diamond Production, a band that is credited to have been behind the nurturing of the defunct Eagle’s Production. He also owns the Diamond Ensemble, an acting group that was so popular in the early 2000′s with their London Shock series that used to air at the by then most watched TV station.

On top of owning a theater, Lubwama is also eyeing Ken Lukyamuzi’s seat, Lubaga South and preparations begun last year with the musician constructing offices for DP, a party on which ticket he is contest, in Lubaga.

With the recent event, Lubwama has proved that his talents are not yet to be exhausted.


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