When Does a Man Start to Miss You? The Art of Making Him Crave You


Maybe you broke up with your ex or are flirting with a new guy, but you want to know when does a man start to miss you, crave you. Here’s how to do it.

When I would end things with a guy, it wouldn’t just end there. No way, I needed the drama attached to it. I would go out of my way to make sure he’s devastated over me, missing every moment by my side. So, I have the knowledge of knowing when does a man start to miss you down pat.

I clearly had a lot of time on my hands… But I understand what you’re feeling. You want to be missed by someone you like, it’s normal. It gives you validation that you were an important person, not just someone who filled their time.

You’ve probably been trying to get his attention, like posting sad songs on Facebook or a “look at me” inspirational quote on your Instagram story. But that’s not going to do the trick.

When does a man start to miss you?

If you’re wondering when does a man start to miss you, it’s a hard question to answer. If he loves you, then he already misses you. But everyone is different.

Some people don’t miss others right away, but then a week later, it hits them. Other people will miss you right away but recover quickly. So, there’s no actual timeline for when someone will start to miss you. But there are ways to make them miss you. Instead of hoping they’re missing you, you can make it happen. Let’s show you how.

Oh, he’s going to miss you.

#1 Whatever you’re doing—stop. You’ve been posting an abnormally large amount of selfies, sad songs, and inspirational quotes. Stop. This doesn’t make anyone miss you. It just proves their point.

When I was 18, I used to do this, but it never worked out well. It’s such an obvious cry for attention that it makes people roll their eyes.

#2 Stop trying so hard. I know you want him to miss you, but you need to stop trying so hard. People can literally smell desperation and attention-seeking behavior. If you look at your phone and noticed you’ve texted him fifty times without a response, then you’ve crossed the line. In fact, you know when you’ve crossed the line, now you just need to stop doing it.

#3 Don’t text him. Oh, I know this one is going to be hard, it really is. But you’re not going to make him miss you if you’re constantly trying to get a hold of him. If he doesn’t respond to your texts or gives you a one-worded answer, you need to stop. Because now it’s just looking sad on your end.

#4 Minimize your insecurities. Well, at least don’t try to show all of them right now. You’re trying to get his attention because you want him to miss you, but you’re clinging to him… that’s not attractive to anyone.

Now, this doesn’t mean you should pretend you’re perfectly fine and nothing affects you. But if you’re behaving in a needy or clingy way, it’ll push him further away.

#5 Give space. Yes! Yes! Yes! I know you’re thinking “but space isn’t what I want.” But it’s what you need to do. How can someone even attempt to miss you when you’re constantly around? Whether this is an ex or a new flame, give them space to think about you. Absence does make the heart grow fonder. You have your own life, go live it.

#6 How does he emotionally react to you? This is actually important when it comes to a man missing you. If you bring negative emotion into his life, then he’s not going to miss you. Instead, leaving him alone will be a breath of fresh air.

But if you brought positivity into his life, he’s going to miss those feelings. Think about how he felt being around you. It’ll help you see whether or not he misses you.

#7 Don’t be the “yes” girl. I know you want to show him you’re available, but that’s not going to make him want or miss you. You need to show him you’re busy. So, instead of constantly saying yes to every move he makes, say no. But don’t just say no and then sit at home alone. You need to say no and then show him you’re out living your life.

#8 Create some mystery. I sound like an Agatha Christie novel, but hear me out. You need to bring back some mystery, even if you know each other well. I know you want to text him all night and send him naughty things, but I would keep that to a minimum. End any conversation you have with him first, don’t drag things on. It’ll keep him on his toes.

#9 Know your worth. If you want someone to miss you, show them what you’re worth. Clinging onto them and being needy isn’t showing your value. If this person is truly someone who values you, you won’t have to do much. But if he’s not that into you, you’ll never make him truly miss you.

#10 Actually, move on. It’s weird to say this, but you need to move on. I know you’re thinking I’m crazy, but I’m not. We all seem to have this instinct when we know someone we broke up with or want has moved on. It’s like an alarm clock that goes off.

If you want him to miss you, move on. Of course, by then, you probably won’t want him.


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