UCU Expels 26 Pregnant Students


Uganda Christian University (UCU) expelled 26 girls from it’s Kabale affiliate college for being pregnant and yet not married after doing random tests on the campus.

The students accuse the university for suspending them without hearing them out reports The New Vision. However, Godwin Kiiza, the Dean of Students, maintains that the students who were suspended were admitted as single students and they are not supposed to be engaged in a sexual immorality, that is, sex before marriage.

“Some students who go against our rules first face a disciplinary committee and if the committee finds them guilty of being of pregnant, they are suspended,” he is reported to have said.

Bishop Barham college principal, Prof. Manuel Muranga, said that they only teach students who are accountable to God.

“Only six girls were pregnant and the rest had other problems and most of them were forgiven and allowed back to school,” the university’s Public relations officer, Reuben Twinomujuni, said. “Our policy here is that you came to study but not to get pregnant. We look at our students as our daughters and sons, so when someone gets pregnant it is a bad example to the rest especially to an institution that is founded on religion,” he said.

Twinomujuni said that when girls give birth or officially get married, they are allowed to sit for their examinations. “If the man who impregnated the girl weds her, we allow her back but she cannot stay in the halls of residence because she is a married woman,” he added.


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