D.Light Uganda to Transform Solar Payments

D.Light Uganda

In the past, if you happened to live far from the grid you had to make do with candles and kerosene lamps. Some of the kerosene lamps had negative side effects due to the fumes emitted as wick burned to emit light.

The Head Of Sales, George Kawemba, says that for the customer to access the new Solar X-850 Solar system, they will pay an initial deposit of 90,000/= to access core products and the balance is paid at 2000/ per days for 18 months which he says is much more affordable compared to other solar products on the market.

“After a series of solar solutions like D-20, D-30, we have now come up with the X-850 with a Dual band Solar TV which uses both digital and analogue, you only pay 90,000/= initial deposit and after one week you start paying 2000/= per day for 18 months without interest” he said.

The Country Manager, DLight, Katendegwa George, says that the solar system will make solar energy affordable and avoid health hazards related to kerosene use to the customers which he says will improve the quality of life.

“Uganda consumers will receive unmatched superior and very reliable products that have more than 2 years warranty and more energy option for less money. Beyond the direct relief to customers pocket, the solar kits have also helped avoid health issues related to the use of kerosene lamps that are known to impair lung functions, respiratory diseases, cancer, eye problems among other health problems” he said.

With the advent of solar technology, off grid communities will receive new energy solutions through embracing affordable and reduce on the danger of using kerosene  lamps, through the new X-850 Solar system that has been introduced by D-Light Uganda.

The new home solar system named X-850, which comes with a Solar Television, solar radio, bulbs, solar panel, flash lights among others will be paid through an installment basis; where a customer will have to pay initial deposit and pay the balance in a period of 18 months.


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