Naguru Skyz Hotel: Kampala’s Newest Treasure

Naguru Skyz Hotel

After hearing several remarkable reviews from people that have been to Naguru Skyz Hotel, one has no option but to drive towards Ntinda; seeking to see Kampala’s newest treasure.

Located right at the top of Naguru Hill, you know as soon as you get to the top that you have arrived. As you drive into the hotel, it is evident that a lot of thought and personal touch was put into its construction. With a parking lot that can hold about 400 cars, this hotel is definitely going to be the new hangout.

Walking into the lobby, you are greeted by very pleasant and hospitable staff straight from the security at the entrance of the hotel, to the beautiful ladies at the front desk.

Naguru Skyz Hotel’s major theme colours run from beige, grey, coffee and cream and has great marble floors. To the right of the lobby there is a mini coffee shop where you can order tea, coffee, and an assortment of delicious pastries. As a sister hotel to the Protea chains,  the standard is nothing short of high class.

Past the coffee shop you get a great view of the swimming pool that is surrounded by a restaurant for those who prefer to have their meals by the poolside. The pool area also has a well-stocked bar and would be perfect for a party. In fact, when it comes to party venues Naguru Skyz Hotel has several options that we shall explore as we go on.

With 141 rooms, Naguru Skyz Hotel is divided into four blocks, each with five floors. Each floor has a corridor on both left and right, which leads to three rooms on each side.

There are basically two types of rooms at Naguru Skyz; the standard room that has a bed, shower, mini bar and closet which has an ironing board and iron for those who prefer to do laundry themselves.

There is also the option to send your laundry to room service for help. There is also a safe in each standard room where you can keep your valuables.

The standard room has a shared balcony in the event that you want to spend time outside and look at the amazing 180-degree view of Kampala. There are two standard rooms on each side of the floor. This room is perfect for a business trip or short visit.

The cream, black and coffee colours of the rooms make them feel so cozy and warm. The second type of room is the deluxe room.It is evidently much bigger and more spacious than the standard room.

It has all the same facilities with exception of the bathtub which the standard doesn’t have. The deluxe room has a more spacious and private balcony and the mini bar is noticeably larger too. This room is perfect for couples, a small family and could also be great for a business trip if you like to be as comfortable as possible.

Naguru Skyz Hotel Club Lounge

From the 1st to 4th floor, the rooms are pretty much the same but the 5th Floor displays a unique and impressive arrangement. The 5th floor is dubbed the “Club Lounge” and is generally more exquisite.

On the Club Lounge the floor has its own restaurant and bar. This floor might appeal to the corporates because it has three board rooms where meetings can be held and can sit up to twelve people. There are bathrooms across the boardrooms which is convenient.

The Club Lounge also has a nice patio for coffee breaks, networking or some fresh air in the case of a long corporate day. On the left wing past the restaurant are two Club standard rooms and one Club deluxe room. This arrangement could appeal to a family that would like to have some privacy and the whole floor to themselves.

Naguru Skyz Hotel menu

After taking a tour around the hotel rooms, it was time to check out the main restaurant. On our way down we passed by the Sky Deck. A nice space with an amazing view if you are looking to have a nice outdoor wedding, bridal shower, baby shower or cocktail party.

Chapter Two dinning is the beautifully organized restaurant at Naguru Skyz Hotel. Named chapter two as Chapter one is at Protea Hotel. The restaurant can sit about 88 people and is perfect for lunch meetings or dinner. It has a delicious buffet spread and in the event that you would like a more quiet and private space the restaurant has the V.I.P section. This too is amazing for small functions like birthday parties, anniversary dinners and the like. The V.I.P area can sit about 40 people.

Conference rooms

For business conferences and presentations, the hotel offers two conference rooms and relevant services. They can sit 100 people and be transformed according to the client’s need in terms of sitting arrangement and set up.

Finally, the hotel also has a gym and spa if one wants to keep up their fitness or relax after a long day.

Naguru Skyz Hotel is a beautiful hotel to say the least and is fast becoming popular. By night, the view and even appearance of the hotel is breathtaking. It has everything a hotel could offer and more.

On New years’ eve there will be a great celebration to welcome 2018 and with the view of Kampala, the hotel will have a firework display, a definite must watch spectacle on New Years’ Eve.


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