Startimes Teams with Centenary bank to bring you Digital TV Loan

Centenary Digital Loan

It just so happens that people in this era never sleep and are constantly thinking of the next big thing. Today, we have another big thing. A few years back, it became mandatory to get a Decoder to continue watching TV here in Uganda. I broke down the entirety of this Digital Migration on Guru8, you need to head over there and catch up.

This whole Migration process evidently had a price tag attached to it. Some others opted to get Free to Air Decoders that gave them free access to TV but still, the decoders were not free.

Last week, Centenary Bank brought something new to this spectrum, “Digital TV Loan”.

To be legible to access this Loan you definitely need to meet some requirements that include a verifiable source of regular and reliable income to pay up the loan in installments, provide guarantors after getting either a savings or current account and the customer contribution is 25% of the unit price of the TV set. The loan application fee is 20,000/= and the interest rate is 15% which is paid in 6 months.

You can get the TV from Startimes offices at Soliz house, Lumumba Avenue where you are given a pro form invoice then head over to Centenary Bank and process the loan.

This is definitely a great initiative to enable people in the lower income tier get access to quality Television broadcast. We surely hope to see great achievements in this partnership.


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