Cindy and Mario Reconcile for Daughter’s Birthday


Yesterday marked exactly the 4th year of Cindy Ssanyu’s motherhood journey as her only daughter Amani who was fathered by Mario made 4 years. Cindy and Mario part ways a few years back due to a couple of irreconcilable differences but it all looks like they have something big between them that will always bring them back together for a couple of moments and that’s their daughter.

Cindy shared her joy earlier on in a statement that read: “My little angel just made 4yrs. Help me wish her a happy birthday”, later on following up with a photograph of the three of them (Cindy, Mario & daughter Amani) and declared how Daddy had made an appearance.

Cindy looked extremely happy and it’s becoming clear Cindy could be missing Mario though she pretends to have moved on with Ken.

Just a few weeks earlier during a Saloon talk television programme, Cindy publicly confessed that by the time she hooked up Ken she just wanted someone to help her get over Mario but didn’t confirm whether she really got over him or not.

This didn’t leave Ken happy and a few sources confirm the two are currently not in good terms and Cindy might have gone back to her previous life of single motherhood.


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