Ragga Dee Reveals Source Of Wealth


Ragga Dee is known as the first Ugandan musician to own a luxurious car when he bought a Hummer in 2006, then costing Shs 280 millions.

Elsewhere, the ‘Oyagala Cash’ musician is a proud owner of several properties including one of the biggest music production studio,
Buggie Empire.

But with all this wealth, Ragga Dee, also known as the “Grand pa” of musicians is one of the musicians that you would hardly see on posters advertising music shows.

This has left many wondering the source of his wealth. Well, ask no more. The source has been revealed.
The ‘Bayaye’ star says most of his monies come from international shows and endorsements.

“I hardly perform here but I always hold shows abroad in places including UK, US and Germany. For Africa, I just returned recently
from DRC. I have been in Zambia and Nigeria this year,” he says.

He further adds that the other monies come from endorsements particularly NGOs. “I have been endorsed for several campaigns and I have earned from these too.”

Meanwhile, the ‘Parliament’ singer revealed that he is to contest for the city Lord Mayorship.
But don’t expect him to cut off his dreads because he won’t!

“Cutting off my dread will only show that I am not real. Ugandans have an impression that whoever spots dreads is a ‘Muyaye’ but this is not true. Are you aware that a person’s dreads are cut off once you go to jail? Then, if I manage to keep mine for over 30 years, am I a criminal?

You see! That is why you should respect every person that you find with dreads.”


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