Gospel Singer Fiona Mukasa to Charge Guests For Wedding


Early 2009, burly and famous presenter Straka Mwezi and singer Sizzaman were to wed.

But it was not an ordinary wedding we are used to seeing; held in places like churches or mosques. Hers was to take place at Namboole Stadium with tickets to the “wedding” costing Shs10,000 and Shs 20,000 for VIP.

The “wedding” turned out a total flop and Straka ended up in hospital for honeymoon after collapsing. This was after fans failed to show up for her biggest day.

But that was Straka. Latest at our desk is that renowned gospel singer Fiona Mukasa is set to wed on September 7 this year. And just like Straka’s wedding, guests will also have to pay Shs40,000 to attend Phiona’s wedding.

Plushy Fair Way Hotel is the venue which has been chosen to host the wedding. She says she has been pushed to do this because she expects alot of guests to attend the wedding, her second.

However, the wedding comes amid controversy with church refusing to be party to it until her first marriage is dissolved.

Fiona has been married to Pastor Godfrey Mukasa for the last 17 years which saw them blessed with four children together.

The two parted ways in 2009 with both blaming others for infidelity. Fiona also blames her husband of not supporting her and her family adding that he had also refused to join her and their family in the UK not until when she threatened to divorce him that he finally travelled to UK in 2005.

Fiona alleges that while in UK, Mukasa cheated on her with a one Solome Namuyaba among other ladies in Uganda while she was a way in the UK.

Mukasa also accuses Phiona of having cheating on him with a one Mathew. Fiona denies being in a relationship with Mathew but admits she was once in a relationship with him “because he never loved me.”

She further says that she was forced into marrying Mukasa in 1992 and she was also young to make the right choice.

Phiona says that she is happy that she has finally found someone who loves her. She says she met a much younger Julius Ssekawunde in 2012 and the two have decided to fomalise their relationship.

Inspite of being 42 and Julius believed to be in his early 30s, Fiona says age doesn’t matter and believes Julius is “a good person who is less concerned” about her age.

The two early this year were introduced to each other’s parents and were both given a green light to wed.

Meanwhile Julius confessed he has been involved in six relationships before but he doesn’t have any child from them and thus nothing can stop him from going a head with their marriage.

Fiona Mukasa is a daughter to fallen music icon, Elly Wamala. She was one of the biggest musicians in the 90s before leaving for UK was she has been staying until her return in 2012.

Some of her popular songs are Bisule, Aleluya, Mweyambise and Sili Nzeka


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