Interview With ex-Miss Uganda Stella Nantumbwe

Stella Nantumbwe

Have you dared so much to know much about ex-Miss Uganda and Big Brother Africa representative Stella Nantumbwe also known as Ellah? Well this is a chance you’ve just been waiting for. She concisely talks about her early life, likes, moments of her life among a whole lot more. Just sync your eyes with all the lines below as you go through our one on one interview with her.

1 – Who is Stella Nantumbwe

Ellah is a Charismatic,endearing, lover of life,out going,and bubbly person.You never really know what you get with me,the right people appreciate that.

2 – Early Life

Born to a family of 12, studied most of my life in Uganda,but did my University In England.

3 – What inspired Stella Nantumbwe to contest for Miss Uganda

I just thought it was time,I loved what it stood for (beauty with a purpose) and I do like a challenge. It was also a means for mw to break out of my shell a little more

4 – How was your whole experience as a BBA hotshot

Two words: Life Changing. I wouldn’t take it back for anything. It’s up there in the highlights of my life.

5 – We saw you really close in to the grand prize at BBA though unfortunately things just didn’t happen. How did Stella Nantumbwe feel knowing you were out of the race?

I was disappointed but only for a minute,throughout my life,I’ve come to learn that if it’s meant to be yours,it will be.I lose gracefully,but I win even better

6 – What kind of career is Stella Nantumbwe looking up to lately?

A career in entertainment.I just got into Television.I hope to break into acting and radio as well. But business will always be my number one passion

7 – Any thing you don’t like about Stella Nantumbwe?

I think I let people off too easy.But I won’t change that,we Al deserve 70 chances or more in life.Its called being human.

8 – Worst Moment in Life

Any time I’ve Lost a loved one. Eg My brother,my best friend, has felt like the worst moment,each time being worse than the last.

9 – Best Moment in Life

Winning Miss Uganda,at that moment I realised what hardwork,perseverance and a whole lot of prayers could do for you.

10 – Tell us what we don’t know about Stella Nantumbwe

I think I bared my soul to the world. People got to see Stellah, Ellah and everything in between.

11 – Dream Car

Right now it’s the Range Rover.

12 – What’s that one gadget Stella Nantumbwe can’t do without

My Phone! It encompasses all my other gadgets in one.

13 – I believe there are a couple of females out there who would like to follow your foot-steps. What’s your word to them?

Like they say, Follow your heart but take your heart with you. You’ll come across alot of opportunities in your life,be careful which ones you choose to pursue. It’s a blessing being a woman.There is so much power in being a woman. Learn how to use that power,but never give it away.

14 – Any challenges so far?

Bringing all my ideas to life, my masterpiece is a work in progress but I carry on,I’m inspired by people who have been where I am right now and have gone on to be the greatest.

15 – Do you play any sports? if so, what sport(s) do you play?

No sports at the moment but I work out.

16 – Any Last words for your fans?

I’d like to thank the fans for their support. Let’s keep supporting eachother and “Don’t give up, your dreams are never too big.”


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