Lessons From AK 47’s Death


While i pick it painfully that indeed Singer Emmanuel Mayanja aka AK 47 died so young at the most promissory age, i too appreciated the solidarity that death easily causes in us…i didn’t know him personally.

However the story of his end that begins from a mere short call to the Gents…”lemme go for a short-call..” or “lemme use the bathroom”… you leave your friends at the table or in another room and the next minute, they are struggling with you half dead…

The civilised world has had more deaths than us…like the American civil war, the whisky revolution, the french revolution, 1848 revolutions, world war 1 and 2, the Nazi holocaust, the pearl harbour…to mention but a few.

The only difference between their deaths and ours, is that they pick lessons and pave way for possible permanent solutions…

In this young man’s death, i have learnt that life may easily come as birth occurs at conceiving. Such moments should remind us of how stupid it is to be proud, stupid to be egoistic, stupid to judge, stupid to be arrogant, stupid to be inconsiderate…after all we are all such weaklings to determine our next minute.

Indeed many a time we are preoccupied with so many unnecessaries in life and we miss the real taste of the goodness of life. Has anyone ever realised that humility is one of the biggest gifts a human being can have?

What of a rich heart? I know what greedy people go through…their souls are ever hoping… And in such a statement you realised a great message for the CORRUPT. Sincerely you are a Ugandan with 70 years (but in Uganda life span is 45 years), you have many deadly habits like smoking or god forbid you have various sicknesses in your body…you already have $100m stashed somewhere but you have no humility to the other world to say I RETIRE… you have no courtesy to keep home and play with your grandchildren but you are still being racy with life…

Would you think such people understand the real meaning of life? or do they even know the use of money? I DOUBT! Each day we miss a point and some painful moments are supposed to come as lessons but the preoccupation with greed, honour and self importance keeps us in denial of the most important bits of knowledge.

And to me i think in all this, i learn FORGIVENESS…
Forgiveness is such a powerful weapon we should pick from such moments. You may vow, take an oath or enter a covenant to hate or never to forgive someone…however painful the hurting may have been to you; but think about it…Is it worth it? what happens next? IT DOESN’T MAKE ANY SENSE

Death demystifies our earthly pomp and to me, the message is clear…the communication keeps on warning but our arrogancies keep consistent. Some occurrences are messages to those who remain behind. For instance; i always find our musicians’ fights very stupid because am sure if (God forbid) your nemesis passed, it wouldn’t solve your problems or you would not become any better.
REFLECT and dwell on everlasting choices; Leave the Legacies of Love

Obadiah 1:15, 21 GNB

“The day is near when I, the Lord , will judge all nations. Edom, what you have done will be done to you. You will get back what you have given. The victorious men of Jerusalem will attack Edom and rule over it. And the Lord himself will be King.”


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