Jose Chameleone Hires Kim Swagga to Dress Him Up

Jose Chameleon

It’s a celebrity’s dream to always look good in the eyes of his fans, wear something different and special each other day, keep up with the fashion trend and so is Jose Chameleone’s dream.

Kim Swagga has taken charge of dressing up the Mayanja family through his urban fashion store, Fashion Lounge.

Similar to Abryanz Collections, Kim Swagga’s store deals with artistes, musicians, TV personalities and Media agencies regarding fashion and grooming.

They dress celebrities and musicians for events and music videos; dress up models for TV and billboard advertising campaigns and cater for up class urban youth fashion.

The store deals in urban clothing, shoes, accessories bags perfumes and fragrances. The collection is hip and urban catering for funky people who are in the spot light. The photographs below show Kim Swagga re-defining Jose Chameleone and Wife’s fashion.


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