Obama-Gaddafi Chapati Rivalry Continues On Kampala Streets

Obama vs Gadaffi Chapati

In life, the rivalry of Libya strongman Muamar Gaddafi and US president Hussein Barrack Obama was one of the biggest talking points in the whole world.

Long after Obama took out Gaddafi in a show of military muscle, the rivalry between the two men continues.

The rivalry is playing out right here in Kampala. Unlike the past where sharp words as well as military arsenal were used to further the rivalry between the two men, the current rivalry is hinged on which of the two brands brand between that of Obama and Gaddafi is better.

Two creative Ugandans are now tussling it out to promote either one of the two brands as superior to the other. They are doing this by putting on the market two chapattis one named Obama and another Gaddafi for the sales to decide the superior brand contest.

In the first round, the Gaddafi chapatti whose maker is based in Wandegeya outsold that of Obama that has its home in Kisaasi. Gaddafi was the first to hit the market shortly after the death of Gaddafi.

After losing out in the first round, the Obama people have reloaded their stuff and have put it back on the market in a bid to rewrite history.

After that stumble, the makers of Obama chapatti have rebranded. It is now called Obama 11. “The Obama 11 is reloaded. You miss it at your own peril,” such are the radio commercials they have been running to lure large volumes of customers.

They have also been calling upon a total of 2000 agents and salespeople to turn up at their headquarters in Kisaasi to help in bringing down the Gaddafi chapatti.

Having learned from experience that traders in Kikuubo are the biggest consumers of chapatti, which market the Gaddafi people used to bring them down, the Obama people have opened several outlets at the place.

Meanwhile, the Gaddafi people have been silently watching what is going and the market generally as well as the ingredients their rivals have come up with before they can decide on the next course of action.

Such is the rivalry between Gaddafi and Obama that creative businessmen are now using it to make money long after one is dead and the other is about to exit the stage.


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