Kenzo Responds To Those Making Fun Of His English


Eddy Kenzo finally threw in the towel and hit out on people who laugh at his English. Expressing his frustration, the singer decided to put his point across in the language he knows best, Luganda,

“I was born in Kalungu hospital, masaka district, era nakurira masaka, kyotera ne kaliisizo, mubuganda sirina lulimi lwemanyi nga Luganda ezisigadde mpanga bipange Lwaki bwenjogera olulimi lwenenyumirizamu olunfudde omuntu wabantu abamu mukiraba buubi kubanga mu comments zamwe talking about English zaki nga mukimanyi siri muzungu oliyimba olusose okuva mu Uganda nerutunda ensi yonna lwaluganda era nze naluyimba era oluzungu sirimanyi bulungi naye guba musango okwogerako ako akatono kemanyi mbuza mwe abazungu ba kuno?” We couldn’t translate word for word, but this is what we managed to extract,

“I was born in Karungu hospital, Masaka district, I grew up in Masaka Kyotera and Kaliisizo. In Buganda I don’t know any language like Luganda others I just forge. Why is it that when I talk in the language that has made me a person some people see it as bad because in their comments they ask what’s English for yet they know am not white. The first song to sell outside Uganda is in Luganda and am the one who sung it.

I don’t know English very well, but is it a crime to speak the little I know, am asking you whites here?” I think he has a valid point here because the success of Sitya Loss which is in Luganda, put Eddy Kenzo on the International scene, up to the extent of featuring on the AFCON’s song, got him recognition from US star Akon and British newspaper The Guardian. So he’s free to express himself in any language he wishes to.


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