One to One Interview with Ang3lina


We have seen a couple of new faces rise up in the Ugandan music and today we publish all you didn’t know about Ang3lina one of the most promising divas on the block who hit the airwaves first time with her two hit songs “The One” & “Ghetto Loving”.

If you have never had a chance to know her deep beyond her music this could be the opportunity you were just looking for as she went beyond her career too talking about her life as well in a few phrases as you notice below;

You can read her exclusive interview with Ang3lina below;

Who is Ang3lina?

Ang3lina is a young Ugandan female who was brought up in the UK. She’s still a Student at The University of Birmingham finishing off her Undergraduate degree in Psychology.

Early life!

I come from a family of 4 girls. We were all brought up in the UK, but as family we always travelled back to Uganda once or twice every year. I grew up in North London in a town called Tottenham. A lot of Ugandan’s live in North London. The community was small but we all knew each other. So it was hard to get away with anything without Aunty gundi catching you on the street.

Road to your music career?

I started singing 2 years ago. Before that, I was strictly just a song writer. I was too shy to sing my own songs. But my family and people around me would push me all the time. They are very supportive people. I guess things really kicked off when I released Ghetto Lovin’ . I had just flown back to the UK when I released the Video and people all over would tell me “your song is all over Kampala”… A Few months later I got a deal with Just Jose who is now my current manager. He signed me, So i’m now under Supanova Music group with another artist in Uganda called Nutty Neithan.


God is my inspiration and my Grandma; Jajja Getu. She came to the UK when I was still very young and looked after me as my parents were both in full time work. She taught me everything I know today. She taught me how to speak and write in Luganda. She taught me how to cook, She’s really a wonderful woman.

What drove you into music?

When I was about 7 years old, My dad randomly came back home with a keyboard. It was so random because nobody in my family plays any instruments. None of my sisters were interested when he brought it haha. You know when your young sometimes your so eager to learn something. So just like that, I started messing around with it. When I would hear songs on the radio, I would sit there for hours trying to figure how to play it on the keyboard. And that’s how I learnt. So after a few years when I was much more skilled in playing the keyboard, I started playing in church and that’s how music became apart of me.

What kind of music do you do and why did you major in that Genre?

I do Urban music because It’s mostly what I listen to, apart from Old school R&B. I’m still young and it’s the music i’ve been exposed to, so It’s nice do music your fellow peers can dance to in the club and relate too. But I like to mix my urban vibe with whats currently local in Uganda.

Where do you see yourself 5 years from now?

In 5 years time I pray to be much more established in Uganda and East Africa with a wider fan base. My ultimate dream is to be an International Artist.

What artists would you dream to work with?

In Uganda I would love to work with Goodlyfe. Internationally? If I ever did a female duet with Tiwa Savage I would literally scream. she’s dope

Besides music, what other passion do you have?

I think music is my only passion. Music is my boyfriend basically.

What are some of the hold-backs in the industry

I think for me it’s the fact that i’m not always in Uganda, so opportunities are missed. People that follow your music don’t get to see you all the time At big concerts in town. But I do intend to settle back in Uganda for good real soon.

Best moment in the music industry

When I won my first award as ‘Best artist in diaspora’ in the Rising star awards last year in November. It was a great feeling. Even just being nominated in other Award shows has shown me that if I put my mind into this, I can achiever bigger and greater things.

Worst moment in the music industry?

Ok I think that has to be when I forgot my own lyrics to my song when I was doing a live performance on the guitar last year at Miss Uganda UK. I sang the same verse like 3 times because I forgot the words to the chorus.

What sports do you play?

Back in the day I was a real good footballer, I know you can’t believe this haha but I still have a few skills in me… I guess One day I will just have to upload a video! I also play Netball and tennis.

Tell us what we don’t know about Ang3lina!

I have 3 tattoos! and I also Produce beats! I want to be the first female producer in Uganda lol.

Habits you don’t like about yourself

I’m very forgetful and its annoying sometimes. And Sometimes I can be a bit slow to catch up on something, Like when someone tells a joke and the whole room is laughing and your not cause your still trying got figure it out? yeah that’s annoying.


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