Leaked Nudes: Desire Luzinda Tells ‘Hacker’ to Photoshop the Face If He Can’t Get Her Body


Nude photos of female artistes have dominated our entertainment industry for the past months. From socialites to musicians and now radio and Tv presenters.

With over 10 female celebrities’ nudes already made public, the public is yet to see more and the latest allegedly belongs to the big hipped Desire Luzinda.

The photo taken shows a nude lady squatting in a bath tab holding a phone to her hear. But unlike the previous nudes, in which the whole faces of the culprits have been shown, here, only the side of her face is shown and you can hardly tell who the person is.

However, the facial and body features look similar to those of Desire! And this has made it go viral; it has received tremendous shares on all social media platforms form the time it was Monday posted online.

But unlike most of her colleagues, who admitted being the ones in the nudes while others neither admitted nor denied, the Equation singer looks to be unsettled with the pic.

Just minutes after it had been posted, she came out on Facebook to deny the photo.

“My dear fans, there is a false post of a chic with a nude pic going around, claiming it’s mine. I wonder why someone with sound mind would want to use my name to market his page but I pray God forgives you. If u want a nude pic of me, let it be me and not some fake bodies,” Desire wrote.

She perhaps thought this would slow down the speed at which the pic was circulating, but she was mistaken!

This just ignited the speed as everybody looked up the page to see the photo she was posting about. Within hours, the photo was all over the place prompting her second interventions.

“If my success is a slap in your face and you just can’t take it, seek different advise but not fake nude pics. Or at least photo shop the face if u can’t get the body. Need I say more?” she Tuesday posted.

This comes just days after nude photos allegedly belonging to gossip queen, Mary Luswata were made public. She denies being the one in the leaked pics.

Several nude photos belonging to celebrities have been made public before with singers Cindy Sanyu, Brenda Nambi, Judith Heard among others being the culprits.

Meanwhile, global stars, Jennifer Lawrence, Ariana Grande, and Kate Upton were among a handful of celebrities whose nude photos were leaked late Sunday afternoon.


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