Leilah Kayondo Rocks the Pool-Side


Leilah Kayondo who happens to be in United States of America for a trip was recently spotted at the pool-side enjoying herself out with her friends though her curves got almost every male eye staring at her during her entire pool-side and swimming session.

The singer claims hanging around the pool-side if one of the greatest moments she can ever have in her life and swimming is one of her greatest passions that’s why she finds it irresistible at times.

Being questioned about her pool-side costume, she laughed it off and said she prefers everything the way they are. She further revealed how she feels comfortable in her light attires.

Briefly, a couple of weeks back news broke that she had part ways with her longtime lover SK Mbuga who also happens to be her main music sponsor but the diva countered back and trashed all rumors claiming Mbuga is 100% her man and she is not going any where. This came after a small mis-understanding that saw SK Mbuga slap Leila Kayondo in public.

However, she looks to be having extreme fun in Las Vegas as she is currently flooding all her social accounts with snapshots of her current experience. See her poolside pics below:


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