Navio Uses Hit Songs To Get Back at His Critics


Rapper Navio Saturday hit back at his critics over saying he doesn’t any big song to his name.

“Of recent one of the musicians in the country said I don’t have any hit to my name. Well, let the DJ to play for you some of my hits as you count,” said Navio at the Club Rouge Swagg party where Navio’s Klear Kut were the performers of the night.

The DJ within seconds played Ngalo driving revelers crazy. This was followed with other songs among which included Nawuliranga, Bad Man, Mr DJ, the Whistle Song and Otyo.

The DJ played over 10 famous Navio songs and was still going on not until when Navio ordered him to stop for the party to begin.

Navio was joined by the Mith and long awaited party finally began with one of his biggest hits; Ngalo.

This was followed by the Mith’s song of Boss Vawo. Mith’s flawless rhymes got everybody dancing as the shouted ‘Vawo’ one of the words in his song.

Then Navio came back with his banger; Nawuliranga. This didn’t only throw the audience into wild screams, but it got them wrapping sweaters and coats around their waists to pull out their best kiganda dances.

Everyone danced hard as if to prove to the other that he or she was better.

This was followed other hits from him and retreated from stage after an hour long performance. The performance was late having started at 2:30am but was worth the wait!

Meanwhile the Software engineer Keneth Ntaro, the new owner of the club was also in attendance and he seemed to enjoy the performances; he was all smiles as performances were underway.

Ken like he is popularly known was at one time a manager and boyfriend of singer Desire Luzinda.


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