Team No Sleep Finds Home in Club Rouge After Suspensions


Whoever thought that Team No Sleep of Pallaso, Sheebah, Akay, Bakri and King Saha were soon going to sleep after their ban from Club Venom and Silk, you are wrong!

The singers have found home in Club Rouge and to reflect their name, they are always at the Jinja Road based nightspot.

The singers Saturday showed up at Rouge for Klear Kut’s Swagg party performance and as usual, their presence couldn’t go un noticed thanks to their vigorous dance strokes.

Sheebah, Akay and Pallaso danced all night through kudos to the night’s DJ who played most of their songs like Twesana, Mundongo and Akay-Bakri’s Gwe Yaliwo. The artists exited the club at 4am after a four hour period of dancing.

The singers are currently so obsessed with Rouge that they even perform for free of charge on several occasions; making some party goers wonder why the group is a regular at Rouge of late.

But this is not of their liking! The group was reportedly banned from Kololo based Bar and Hangout spot Casablanca, after the group fought with other musicians at the bar.

Pallaso and Radio’s fight at the venue culminated into arrests of most of them. This was like the genesis of their being kicked out from hangout spots.

The next Club to ban them was Club silk after their manager, Jeff punched and injured a reveler at the nightspot. He was banned for violence while his brother Allan Kiwanuka for damage of company property.

Last week the singers were also reportedly banned from Kabalagala based night Club, Venom after a conflict between their management and that of Club Venom.

However, Club Venom took it to another level with reports indicating that it even banned their music from being played in their club.


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