Sharon O Never Stole Ivan From Me – Zari


Too many twists and turns in the Sharon O – Ivan Semwanga mystery romance and latest from Zari is that Sharon O didn’t steal Ivan from her but found him a free man.

Zari “The Boss Lady” expressed her disappointment with media that is always twisting the whole story that Sharon O stole the father of her three boys. Zari claims Sharon O only found Ivan Semwanga a free bird ready to hook up as the couple had way long separated.

Zari posted this on her Facebook wall on Tuesday evening;

She never STOLE him as many claim. She found him a free man as i had LEFT months already. Stop twisting what you don’t know……we are both happy with our decision except the spectators who don’t know EXACTLY what they are happy about. Fe nga fe ababili tuli okay with it. So rest your case with what you don’t know..

Zari claims to have separated from Ivan months a go and is now comfortably hooked to a dude from US who she prefers to keep out of the limelight before they also snatch him from her.


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