Kadiatou’s Malegato


Malegato, is a Guinean snack, a form of “mandazi” made mainly from rice flour. Kadiatou is a small Guinean girl who helped making this, hence naming it after her. Malegato in Sousou/Susu language means rice cake. This is being prepared the traditional Guinean way.


400 grams

rice flour

100 grams

wheat flour

100 grams

sugar ( – or enough to your taste)

1 package

dry yeast (for a 500g cake mixture)


water (lukewarm)


oil (enough for deep frying)


  • to the rice flour in a dish, add about 100g of wheat flour, yeast & sugar
  • add some lukewarm water, little by little while thoroughly mixing until a light, not too thick dough consistency is attained.
  • cover & let the dough rise for 15 – 30 minutes. It takes longer if cold water is used.
  • heat some oil in a deep pan or chip pan to about 190° C
  • scoop several large spoonfuls and pour them into the hot oil. Turn a few times.
  • after about 5 minutes they should be ready. Place them on some paper towels to soak out excess oil
  • add the next round


The amount of water added was not stated, because it was not measured but if little by little is added as shown in video, you cannot go wrong. For variation some mashed ripe bananas and even ingredients like onions & pepper, etc can be added.Video will be uploaded shortly.


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