Mary Luswata Attacks Juliana Kanyomozi


Gossip Queen Mary Luswata after having a failed attempt that countered back with an array of blasting words from dancehall act Ziza Bafana, she has decided to hit on people who will hardly talk back and Juliana Kanyomozi is her latest victim.

The most recent scoop on scoop show unmasked Juliana’s lack of music creativity as analysed by Mary Luswata herself who claims Juliana Kanyomozi even after her return has failed to come up with something new and her music is still the same just like her first songs.

She went further and said Juliana has failed to grow musically even after all the years she has spent in the Ugandan music industry.

The song that must have triggered Mary Luswata to utter such is “Kalibatanya”, Juliana’s latest single that sounds exactly the same like her old songs though “Woman” is far different from all her previous songs and is currently ranked among one of her all-time best songs.

Juliana Kanyomozi hasn’t yet said a word to all the insults and most likely she is not cool with all the words Luswata uttered.


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