Zari Named Most Faithful Ugandan Woman


Zari the boss lady is currently the most faithful woman. Despite previous claims of infidelity and tripping after a short while in her relationship with Diamond Platnumz, we can now confirm that the socialite met a total package in the Tanzanian born.

Zari and Diamond are currently one of the most admired East African celebrity power couples. The pair share a lovely daughter, Latifah Dangote who was born last year. Basing on Zari’s past, the paternity of Tiffah Dangote was questioned for a while before DNA tests confirmed Diamond Platnumz as the true father to her.

Zari the boss lady got involved with a couple of celerity men among including Isaac Lugudde and Farouk Ssempala in her past despite her marriage to South African based Ugandan, Ivan Ssemwanga. She always rolled back to her matrimony whenever her external relationships failed.

So what do we conclude about this? Simple, Ivan Ssemwanga could have lacked a lot of what she wanted or he could have failed to make her feel like a woman. Several blogs claimed Ivan failed to get his bedroom duties right which left the boss lady always unhappy despite the wealth they shared.

Before meeting Diamond Platnumz, Zari had just part ways with her lover by then, Farouk Ssempala and had rolled back in the arms of Ivan Ssemwanga for comfort. Many thought she was back to stay but it wasn’t long before she met her soulmate aboard a plane from South Africa. A few weeks later they were pictured acting cozy on a boat cruise before she was rumored to be pregnant.

A lot of words might have been said about her but truth is Zari the boss lady hadn’t yet met the right person for her. From whatever words you might have called her, she is currently the most faithful Ugandan woman because she has everything she ever wanted in a man despite the age difference.


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