Is Being Cheated on the Worst Thing that Could Happen?


I was going through my Facebook news-feed this afternoon when I saw one of my friends having posted this question. Going through the comments got me thinking about the subject deeper. Is being cheated on the worst thing that could happen to anyone? Well of course here we are talking relationship-wise because hey, other than that, there’s lots more horrible stuff that could happen to you.

So, other than being cheated on what other hurtful stuff can a guy do to you? Wake up one day and from nowhere declare that he can’t do it anymore? That hurts. Think about it, the whole time you probably didn’t even see the signs, you were blissfully unaware of him becoming more and more distant. Or if you did, you probably dismissed it as a passing phase only to receive the shock of your life – worst break up ever.

Or perhaps breaking up after having gone through “stuff” together is worse. Facing the storm together can either make or break a couple. And in every case, you can never be certain which will happen to you. Of course we all hope that if we go through hell together with our boyfriends, afterwards we’ll become unbreakable. But men will always be men and they will never cease to do the unthinkable. After having gone through all that and he having declared to you and the world that he is yours forever, it won’t take him days to tell you that he thinks he needs some space.

But what else can be nastier than being cheated on? I can’t think of any more worse scenarios. Because here is the thing about being unknowingly put in a love triangle. Since you have no idea that there is another woman in the picture, you are unaware of what your situation is, you are in your own little world and the sad part is, your boyfriend isn’t even in it.
When you finally discover what had been done to you, I think that what is more hurtful is not the betrayal but rather, the embarrassment of having thought you were an item when in actual fact you weren’t. You start wondering when exactly he decided you alone weren’t good enough. And what of when you start thinking about all the “good” times you thought you had together and you start doubting if it was all real. I figure what would probably annoy you the most is knowing just how many great guys you passed up just because you thought you were in love.

Men sure can do a number on you. But what are your thoughts though? You figure being cheated on is the worst thing that can happen to you or do you think nastier things can happen?


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