It’s Official, Women Run The World


Yes, women run the world. Empowering women has made a world a better place and there is no doubt about that.

Women bring a lot of strength to the table compared to men. They tend to be better communicators, better listeners, better at forming consensus.

In a highly competitive and increasingly fractious world, women possess the kind of critical problem-solving skills that are urgently needed to break down barriers, build understanding, and create the best conditions for peace, former White House Press Secretary Dee Dee Myers argues.

Women are the strong foundation of this world. First of all if women refused to give birth, this world would be not be having any people in it or probably it wouldn’t be there.

There are several reasons I can give as to why women run the world and have made it a better place.


A woman is the foundation of human kind. Her off springs are created (born) to fill the world and keep multiplying. Right from the Bible, it is evident that women are blessed with the gift to bring life into this world which proves how strong and influential women are.

A woman’s body has the capability to nurture and grow another human life within itself. For any man to ever be considered as great, an even greater woman must first choose to give him life.


Business is no longer a world of men; women have taken over that territory. The case where you would find about 90 percent of a company’s employees being men is long gone. Today statistics show that women are better at business than men. Why, because women are more focused, hard working and determined.

A woman is able to balance seven kids at home, an alcoholic and nagging husband and a full time job. How does she do that? She has the capacity to balance all kinds of situations in life.  It has become normal for a woman to have a flourishing career and still manage to raise a family. They are commended for their ability to multitask.

Through centuries past, men were breadwinners of the family, however, in today’s times, women have the future is in their hands.


It is indeed true “Behind every great man is a great woman, just look at history!” Most successful men have strong wives supporting them. A woman guides a man to make better decisions in life. Take a look at men during their bachelorhood; they are not developmental at all. All they think about is to drive a fancy car, live in a nice/expensive (rented) house, dress smartly, wear a nice perfume to woo the gals, go dancing and drinking ‘with the boys’ almost every night and spend like there is no tomorrow. But once they decide to settle down or get a serious girlfriend or wife, they begin to think beyond their stomachs. They start investing, saving to build a house. This is because a woman gives a man stability.


Education-wise, women earn the majority of college degrees and are currently making up the majority of the workforce.

All the stereotypes that women are just homemakers and caregivers have been defied. Today, in most developed countries, more women excel in the workforce.

Even the American philanthropist and actor Jon Bon Jovi said it: “Women rule the world. It’s not really worth fighting because they know what they’re doing. Ask Napoleon. Ask Adam. Ask Richard Burton or Richie Sambora. Many a man has crumbled.”


It is no longer news that women are CEOs of International companies or occupy top most positions in countires. Female leadership in Africa has lately been seen as a solution to the brash decisions of male leaders, which can result in years of war. attributes the election of some African’s female leaders to their levelheaded responses to conflict including President and Nobel Peace Prize winner, Edith Johnson-Sirleaf of Liberia who was elected after helping bring an end to the devastating civil war that tore the country in two.

Dr. Joyce Banda of Malawi was elected at a contentious time of instability, and has helped transition the country back to calm, Catherine Samba-Panza President of the Central African Republic was elected to lead the CAR out of civil war and was one of the only candidates that refused to take bribes during elections.


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