Things Women Do Not Understand About Men


There are so many things women do not understand about men and this will remain a hard paper as women try to unravel the puzzle that is a man.

I have totally failed to understand why a man can actually get home after a long day and decide to watch the ” Animal Planet” channel. Okay I can get it if you come and ask for a beer and sit back for an action movie.

But really, you decide to watch animals and how they hunt and live. How is that going to help you relax or achieve anything in life?

As if it’s not random enough, you decide to alternate channels with” National Geographic” channel someone please explain to me what men enjoy with these random channels.

While women rush back home to catch their favourite series and some E! News so that they are informed about what’s happening in our celebrity worlds, men want to watch fish mating Lol.

I don’t want to ever understand a man’s mind. I think it’s so complicated.

There is so much a woman can never understand about a man like the fact that men find it okay to use the same socks for more than a day really beats my understanding.

The other thing is their Ego. Be it a boda boda man or a taxi conductor, they have the guts to hit on any woman of any class with all the confidence. For example a random street guy would hit on any smart lady and if she shows him off, he will insult her “kale mbade just nkuyamba, oli mubi” this is because no man wants to be rejected, a man’s ego is a man’s ego.

Then there is lack of attention to detail. Women and details go hand-in-hand, but when it comes to men, even when they’re told the details, they seem to go right out the window. Men just remember the big picture, never the details that create said picture unless, of course, the details are important to them.

Men can never open up about what depresses them. I will take a lot of convincing to make a man spill his problems. Yet for women, we are open as a book. Rarely will you find a man who is an open book when it comes to his emotions, and when you do, it’s almost like you’ve struck gold. Most men are pretty emotionally repressed and it requires a heavy sledgehammer to start knocking down those walls. And even then it can be hard to figure out what a man is really truly feeling and thinking.

The list of things that women don’t understand about men is endless, but well, it will forever remain, men have their own ego.


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