Know Which Friend Is Worth Keeping Or Letting Go


I’ve always been the kind who loves to go everywhere with my friends. Their well being would matter most to me more than my own. However as time has it, I’ve realized and accepted the fact that we don’t always have to carry and drag people with us.

Quite sure you’ve had the adage “people come into our lives for a purpose, some for a reason, season and the few for a lifetime.” Cliche as it may sound, you will only hurt yourself when you try hard to retain those meant to stay for a while into your “life time” span.

You may wonder how you can categorize those you call ‘close’; but trust me most times the writing is on the wall for all to see. But because you may be like I who loves to see others sprout with you and ignore them which in turn may not only strain the relationship but also end in a rather sad way.
Take each as they come, lower expectations but love regardless.

There are always those who keep you looking back, only see flaws and have nothing but gossip to offer, that kind is usually in your life to help you grow, work on your feeble areas and move on.
The temptation to be a people pleaser. This type is high but hey your worth doesn’t come from anyone.

Only God and how you view yourself, will determine how far you go in life. When time for people to leave has come, don’t hold them back … just allow them to leave. Let the pain of letting go refine and not make you bitter.

There are still good people out there, leave the toxic ones and surround yourself with those who don’t see you in regards to your past but have the same vision as you do.Those that spur greatness not pull you back.

Those that call out the potential in you rather than dwell on how you failed previously. However much we may want to ignore it, your company affects you more than you can imagine and will in most cases determine how far you go.


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