Marital Law: Why It Creates More Problems Than It Seeks To Solve


Trouble is in store for men who rape their wives. Parliament recently passed the law that will send them to the University of understanding.

To escape this law, I advise fellow men not to open the lid on that can of worms as when and when they feel the urge of doing it. Sorry, we’re talking matters reserved for adults here. So we had better keep them wrapped up in a language that can’t be figured out by our young people.

But, let me set the record straight right on the outset. I don’t support men who rape their partners.  Believe me, I don’t at all.

But I find the new law seeking to protect married women against rape from their partners rather problematic. In fact, I am of the view that the law was passed by wrong people, at the wrong time and for the wrong audience.

I know that some of the main sponsors of the law in questions are unmarried or widowed. Majority were married before. But they opted out either because they were big-headed thought the institution is out of touch with the times or was curtailing them from pursuing ‘good life’ including politics.

I am sorry to say this, but I have a feeling that the sponsors of the law being people who loathe the institution of marriage for one reason or the other, could have been motivated by that dislike for marriage to do what they did.  But I stand to be corrected this one being a livewire topic.

Who will complement victim’s evidence?

It is trite law that evidence of the complainant must be complemented by other evidence from independent witnesses.  That being the case, it would prove tricky for a married woman alleging to have been raped by her man to sustain her claim in court for the simple reason that majority of rapists do not parade their victims there in the open for all to see what is going on.

Since no one knows what goes on inside the bedrooms of two copulating individuals it would prove even much harder for the woman raped to find third parties to complement her evidence.

Trick proving two people sharing bed can rape each other

Aside from the above, it is presumed, especially in our society, that sex between two married people is always consensual. This being the mindset among our society, it would prove tricky for a woman to prove to court that she hadn’t consented to the sexual act she could be complaining of moreover  from the man she shares a bed with.

Promotes Promiscuity

It would not be farfetched to state that the law will force men fearful of being charged and jailed for raping their wives to resort to paying for services of prostitutes. While others will resort to keeping side dishes in order to avoid colliding with the law.

As a result, the law in question will end up promoting promiscuity, making a mockery of the otherwise well-intentioned institution of marriage.

But above all, the law is likely to spark off a rise in the sexually transmitted diseases, including the deadly HIV not to mention causing families’ loss of money that men will pay to buy sex elsewhere.


Many young men are not marrying currently. Those who were married before, including some of our MPs, are now living as single parents. Putting this at the back of our mind, the marital law will mostly likely make a bad case even worse since many young men will opt out of marriage fearing to be caught by the law in question.

Good tool for blackmail

I believe you have dear readers read about women who have sponsored hit men to bump off their husbands, run over their men or even chopped them to death all in the name of retaining riches of the family.

Just because some of such characters have been jailed does not mean that there are not much more of their ilk still lurking in our midst.  Now that this marital law is in place, what will stop women seeking to retain wealth from using it to frame their husbands in a bid to put them into jail for them (the women) to remain in charge of the wealth?

Some women pride in being raped!

Yes, some women here in this country find rape to be more pleasurable than consensual!  For one to gain sex rights from these sisters, he must be strong enough to wrestle her down and stronger enough to keep her down as well as open the way to her cookies. Hmm, ask brother Pulkol or Afande Lakara Nakibus, they know better what I am talking about!

If the sisters we are talking about are pleasured by rape, who will force them to report let alone testifying against their copulating partners?

Bed matters are not for all to hear

In the society I live in, aunties tell daughters of their brothers to strictly leave matters of the bedroom to the bedrooms. Those who have come up to reveal such matters have been tongue lashed and isolated by even religious institutions and by their own families. They are called all sorts of bad names.

Don’t urge mister, our own former Vice president Dr Speciosa Wandira Naigaga Kazibwe was isolated by the church and almost everyone as well as dropped from cabinet for taking matters of the bedroom to the gallery.

Deputy speaker Jacob Oulanyah is another man under fire from the church and is likely to lose his bid for the speaker on the account of taking bedroom matters with her to the press.

It is for the above reasons that many women have been beaten silly, burned with acid, but they keep put at the homes of the assailants in the name of keeping matters of the bedroom to the bedroom.


What the man says goes

Our sisters across the Nile declare how whatever the man says or demands goes. With that analogy strictly observed like the Ten Commandments, except by Dr Kazibwe, how then does anyone expect our sisters in question, to go ahead and report marital rape?

A man is not denied cookies

Our sisters in His Highness Oyo’s kingdom of Toro keep reminding how of it is abominable for a woman to deny cookies to the man. To these sisters, a woman is simply a store for cookies kept there by the man of the house who therefore must have access to them whenever he craves them. Ooolala! It would be equally abominable, going by this mentality at least, for these sisters to report a man for accessing his cookies even in absence of permission.

Gospel according to Paul

The good Apostle who turned from the marauding Saul to Paul counsels married people never ever to deny their partners cookies  at all times except when it is done to spare time for prayer. These are not words from I, you and you, but from one of Jesus’ celebrated disciples.

Since ours is a God fearing country only this fact would keep many of the women from taking cases of marital rape to courts of law.

Back to the disclaimer, I do not support rape, but there are quite many roadblocks standing in the way of implementing marital rape. I have been mentioning some of them a while ago.


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