Men and Mind Games

Men and Mind Games

I do not understand why everyone is of the idea that women are complicated. We really aren’t you know. Men on the other hand. That’s a whole different ball game altogether. What baffles me the most is their seemingly endless need to play mind games on women. What’s up with that really?

Is it that difficult to be just straight up and not leave a poor soul all frustrated and confused? Take those instances for example when a guy just disappears on you for no reason. When you remember it, every time you were together it was magical, and with the way he treated you, the feeling couldn’t not have been mutual right? The last time you saw and spoke to him even, you could have sworn he was about to take things to then next level, and then just like that he went poof! No word from him, no text, app, call… nothing. And now you are cracking your head trying to wonder exactly what went wrong. If a guy doesn’t like you that much why pretend he thinks the world of you in the first place?

Oh and there are those men too who love to play the roller coaster game. I figure this is most prevalent with office affairs. Today he will flirt, pay you the most ridiculous of compliments, make  you smile every chance he gets, make it a point he finds an excuse to work with you and you could almost believe he was about to break every rule in the book just to be with you. And then tomorrow? Aaaah men are unbelievable. Tomorrow he will walk right past you as if you were totally irrelevant and try ask him for anything? My oh my.

And then there is the “we’ll never be official” guy. If you were just going on dates, you could go a whole year without you knowing if you are his girlfriend or not for all he cares. If you haad been his girlfriend for a while and even if you were the perfect couple of all time, he makes it clear that he either isn’t looking for anything serious or that he loves you so much right now but marriage is just out of the question. So what the EFF are we doing together then??!!!

What about that guy who says one thing but means something totally different. And this is literally almost every conversation you have with him. So you end up treading on hot coals around him! I suppose this kind of guy is in the same group as the one who is an ever spontaneous douche! One moment he is super amazing and seemingly obsessed with you and the next he will not text or call you if you do not do it first.

The point then is, why do men make it a habit of leaving you all twisted, annoyed and frustrated? Is it such an impossible feat to be upfront with a woman on what exactly it is you want from her? Sure we do not make it easy most times when we hardly want anything that’s not the full package, but what are we supposed to do if they lead us to think that they could be the perfect boyfy or hubby?

We really ought to start giving them a taste of their own medicine don’t you think? #MindGames


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