Things Girls Wish Guys Knew

Ugandan Girls and Guy

In the spirit of international girl child day, we decided to share 10 things that girls wished guys knew.

Girls don’t want to be manipulated. They like to be led by their man.

Don’t do anything stupid. Don’t do anything to a girl that you would not want another man doing to your future wife.

Girls get attached very easily. Don’t spend too much time with one girl or give her exclusive attention unless you mean something by it.

A positive word said by a guy to a girl can make her smile and feel good for a whole day. A negative thing however, no matter if they meant to say it or not, can turn her down for days, weeks and even months. Sometimes a guy’s opinion is more important for us than a girl’s opinion .

A girl really doesn’t always want her closet guy friend to become her boyfriend. Sometimes she just wants him as a friend.

Girls want guys to respect them and to listen to them; not mock them. Respect their opinions, career choices and interests. Guys don’t have to agree with all that they say or do but try to honor their opinions as valuable contributions.

All girls want a guy that will appreciate them. There’s a deep need within their fabric to be treated as dear and they typically melt when they are appreciated by a guy.

Every girl wants a guy that will give her a listening ear. They want to make sure that you hear and respond to their emotional and material needs.

They want to feel secure; they want guys to defend them. Girls are internally wired to appreciate it when a guy watches out for them, has their backs, and does manly things for them.

If a guy is interested in a girl, he shouldn’t be scared to walk up and talk to them. They don’t bite! They could be interested in the guy as well and are just waiting for the guy to make the first move.


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