Sex Positions That Will Ruin Your Intimate Moment


I’m no Ssenga but I actually like finding out anything I can on the art of “making love”. So while I was browsing the Internet, I landed on article that shares the sex styles that would actually injure the parties involved hence ruining their intimate moments.


We’ve all been in relationships where at point x, one thinks spicing up bedroom matters with new sex styles will make it last longer or better yet earn one fancy gifts. But are you the type of spouse who sticks to “missionary” styles or you like to be adventurous and try the “69” among other styles.

Many couples who are looking for new sensations in their love life will learn and perform a variety of sex positions. New things that will create a pleasant atmosphere and tension, making the household is always a romantic relationship.

But not all sexual positions can be done, especially for those who are inexperienced or lack of exercise. Some positions require specific training and habits, wrong sexual positions can cause accidents such as penile fracture or fractures and serious injuries on the body.

For your convenience, below are the dangerous sex positions that I landed on in the article I earlier mentioned that you should avoid or if you chose to try them – do it at your own risk.

“The London Bridge”

This is where the male Arch’s the back and faces upwards using his hands for support. She’s stradding you on top and incomplete control. You might injure yourself just attempting to assume the position in the first place.

“The Wheel Barrow”

This one is probably more precarious for the woman though balance from both parties is needed. Keep it up for too long and muscle exhaustion in your calves and her shoulders could lead to a mid-coital collapse, which is not a good thing.

“The Backdoor Cartwheel”

It is reported that some people get turned on by the sheer degree of difficulty of successfully pulling these things off. Look at the photo and it clearly shows that a lot can go wrong here..

“The Back breaker”

This is dangerous for males attempting it with a bigger woman. Start in a standing position on your bed then fall backward in unison onto your mattress and repeat till fade.. but honestly why would one try this?

“The Head Spinner”

This one is self explanatory. It had featured on the app of extreme sex positions but I don’t think a sane Ugandan would even attempt this..“Kyo kyi kyo”?
All in the name of love?

Haha the musoga in me says “MBEH ” to this one.


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