The Love Of a Mother is Indeed Priceless

Mother's Love

It’s a bright Sunday morning and I am in church to worship my creator. I have no idea whats going on, I see kids fumbling to get small presents being given out at the alter. All the women have been requested to keep standing until they receive a gift from the random Sunday school kids. Then it dawns on me suddenly that it is actually mothers day.

I get carried away with emotions when I see the mothers warmly hugging the young toddlers to say thank you. And in that moment, I remember my very own. I had left her home ailing, she could not make it.

It’s now been 30 years and not even a sweet, I think to my shameful self, “may be today.” As I sigh away I remember that I am too broke. I had actually come here to seek divine intervention into my small struggling business.

Also, I remember it’s derby day and my favorite football team is playing but I have only 2000 Ugandan Shillings saved away to watch the game and buy me some data. I, at that moment, effectively gave up any hopes to see my mother.

It’s 5 pm now, I can hear the wild chants from my favorite kafunda. Looks like my team (Manchester United by the way) is leading the game. But I resist the urge and this time I hit the near by Indian shop to buy the smallest cake with some small icing on it. I made up my mind to put a smile on mamas face.

At 8 pm, it’s always family prayer time when I arrive. I was told she is long asleep but my young sister sets off to wake her up. She weakly staggers to the sitting room, clad in her tattered night gowns. Her eyes pale and lips dry.

The family prayer is now underway but before we joined our hands, I unravel the present I had taken to her.

“Wow!” She exclaimed. I think she knew about the day already but had lost all hope in any form of recognition. I saw my mama spring to life. Her eyes now glowing like the morning stars.

From the firm hand grip, I could feel her pulse soar. I could hear the light sounds from her throbbing heart hit the dark walls of our tiny empty living room.

“You gave me a reason to live. Thank you manzi!” Tears escaping her eyes.

I felt her renewed hope in the air. My lungs sang, my heart melted. A wave of peace riled through my entire marrow. I knew then that a mother’s love is priceless. It doesn’t cost a fortune. Riches don’t mean a thing and it’s the relations that are worth pursuing.

Happy mothers day mama.


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