The Ugandan Abusive Nanny Giving Us All Shivers

Abusive Ugandan Nanny

The first time I saw the video of the Ugandan abusive nanny, I wasn’t sure if it was for real or not. In my mind, I thought this can’t be – what person can do such to a child??? Matter of fact, when my friend sent it to me on app, she said “yeah, isn’t you the ones who want to have maids at home?” Before I saw it, I was actually laughing thinking the nanny was probably doing something silly or something. To my horror, what I saw, when you think that this actually happened? One is lost for words.

If you haven’t already seen the video, the clip shows a nanny torturing a child in a way that just gives you goosebumps. Apparently the child’s father had hidden cameras in the house, and so when one day he came home and noticed his child not behaving as usual and with bruises, he went to see what had been recorded and you can just imagine how he felt watching such. One then wonders, for how long had this been going on? What more did this sick nanny do to the poor child?

Why this woman would do this is just beyond me. Because in my opinion, if you do not like children – why then stay on at a job that requires for you to care for the little ones? I mean, lots of people don’t like children, but when one says “I hate children”, 100% of the time, it’s not that they would do this if left to baby sit. It often refers to one just not having the patience to play with the little angels, but having no choice about the matter, one would be like a children’s best friend if they have to baby sit. So how can any sane adult do this to a little girl???

I know we all have a series of things we would like to do to that woman. But how safe are YOUR children? That is the most crucial question. We can’t all be stay at home moms, some have to have help caring for these bundles of joy because of so many reasons. With that in mind, how do we keep our kids safe? If you can afford hidden cameras, then by all means please do invest in them and monitor them religiously! But what if you can’t? Day care then perhaps? Because children who are at that stage where they cannot report what has been going on – well, we have all seen what they are susceptible to haven’t we?

As mush as domestic helpers are also people, they aren’t your family. So giving them too much trust and unmonitored autonomy over your children has just become something extremely dangerous. Better to have people give you names but as long as you are confident that your children are safe, everyone can go to hell and hang for all you should care.

Our prayers are with the child and her family and if that woman could be skinned and burnt alive – the better we would all feel really!


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