When Money CAN Buy Love


People have different sayings to explain the true meaning behind the word LOVE. For example love is blind, love is patient, love doesn’t ask why, but the very best of them all is MONEY CAN’T BUY LOVE, which I think is the most unrealistic thing to say.

Money can buy love, as a matter of fact if love was an economy, a dollar would still be its local currency.

When was the last time you saw a beautiful girl holding hands with a pretty cheap boy just because of his looks, or an upcoming musician because of his voice (no offense), or a church choir member for his morals (again, no offense).

Just the other day I witnessed the truth to “money can buy love”. A 50-year-old tycoon walked out of a Range Rover, into a club with a credit card and later in the night, he went away with my friend’s date who we have not seen or heard from since that night.

Money can and has been buying love for decades.

Now one might argue that that is not love but greed or love for material things, which brings me to this question, what is love? We love who we love because of what we feel or become when we are with them and the choices in life are more enjoyable when you have some change (money) in your pockets.

A meal at KFC – Kentucky Fried Chicken is much better than ten excuses of why your man can’t take you out to even a free karaoke night. But the truth is money comes with power and respect which are ingredients of a successful relationship. You will not have to worry about your children not going to good schools, missing a meal, how you are going to get to work or even if you need to work. It means more focus and time will be put to your relationship.

Now understand, I didn’t say money can buy a good relationship but it sure can buy love.


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