Ladies, Be Natural Once In A While


Shout out to men who have never seen their women’s real hair! I tweeted that last year when I had around 1000 plus followers on twitter but the impression of that tweet was worth a while. Yes I know that all the re-tweets were not necessarily endorsements but the impression left a thousand questions in my head.

Why do women wear tons of makeup, fake bums, bleached hair, artificial weaves, plastic nails?

Now let’s zero down to “My Uganda 256”, my country the pearl of Africa with the most gorgeous women, naturally endowed with good bodies and beauty.

Bad Black alias Shanita Namuyimba now “Bad Brown”, her cleavage competes with that of Coco of the famous “Ice Loves Coco” reality TV show and just at the close of last year, she added another thing to her looks, skin bleaching! From chocolate brown to yellow- ‘orangish’ color. When she posted photos of her new looks on Facebook, I was among the many men and women that were tempted to have a second look at the pictures, scrolling down the comments to see how un/sincere Ugandans can be! She got all the compliments she needed to make the change worth it. So were her fans just flattering her?

Well that’s enough of ‘Bad Brown’. Ladies, why do women need to be natural once in a while? If you’ve not done any plastic surgery yet, please don’t and if you have already had one, let it be the last. There is no man that will not turn a head because he has seen a pretty lady (head to toe), don’t fight your senses, at least even if you will not turn your head, you’ll have had optical nutrition as many call it.

Question, why do men want natural or artificial ladies? Of course the legit answer is every man wants a natural woman. Should men be blamed for falling for ladies that are not natural because even when the lady looks “natural” it will take long for a man to realize that the lady was made-up half the time so don’t blame them, they’re victims of circumstances? No man, wouldn’t fall for a good looking lady although some may stop at looking. This is because such women “smell” like high-maintenance therefore chasing away men that think they won’t be able to maintain the price.

You may wonder why the subject is now rotating around men but that’s obvious, going natural or artificial is a choice and that decision is most of the time made to “impress” the opposite sex not God, to be honest.

Go Natural

I love class, I love makeup, I love weaves although I have not done any plastic surgery, most properly because I can’t afford and if one offered me the money to have one, to be honest, I don’t know which part of me I should adjust (it seems unnecessary).

With all my love for all these “artificials”, the day I walk out of my house with my own natural hair, nail, no makeup, I really feel proud of myself deep down because not everyone can do it. That’s why every time a celebrity’s photo of no-makeup is published, everyone is like “holy s**t!”.

You’ll have to forgive these ladies whose life is in the limelight because going artificial is part and partial of their lives. They’ve got to do what they have to do for that’s how they pay their bills. But for a lay woman sincerely speaking would one day, week or month without makeup become a hard paper?

Not using or wearing these artificial add-ons on the body is good for one’s health.  I have read many articles about real life stories of women whose health has been compromised by these artificial things. Trust me, it’s the last thing you would wish to happen to you all in the name of beauty.

For these products to affect you, most of the time, they are of poor quality and cheap. That’s where the question of affordability of this kind of life comes in. If you can’t afford a good quality of a hair weave, hair products, nails, lashes, surgery, PLEASE don’t even go there because you will regret for the rest of your life.

Ladies have fallen prey of today’s commercial world! The media, the fashion industry, the entertainment industry, cosmetics and advertisement all try to influence women that they need to have certain looks, smells, and wear their kind of clothes to be popular and attractive to men.

However, this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t use all the above said things. Just once in a while embrace your natural self. It will feel as great as if you have added 10 more years to your life.


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