When Should Be the Right Time for Marriage

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This is the ever asked question: whose answers still remain elusive over centuries on end. When is the right time for marriage?

First, we can see marriage as a spiritual principal emphasized by the holy books; whose fires continue to be fanned by the unfair ambition and selfish desires of society.

In the Bible, the book of Genesis says that, “A man shall leave his father’s home and hold onto his wife and together they shall become one flesh.” (Gen 2:24)

Most will aver, among an infinity of others that the answer is as simple as of when one feels ready, but when exactly is the “ready”?

Throughout time, society has arguably been the biggest influencer of when people choose to get married. From the inception of, to the mid 19th century, marriage partners were strictly chosen by parents as soon as one knocked on the gates of adulthood.

Toward the late 1990s and the early millennial, the direction of the tides has changed: people now marry for different reasons.

Amongst such are, age. Women, usually not mentally ready for the marital tides and fires tend to dive into the nuptials for fear of social justice and quickly charging biological clock.

This is usually between 25 and 30 years with the men mostly preferring to settle at the climax of their youth.

Another is sustainability. Women tend to walk down the aisle as soon as they feel that they have landed a partner that can guarantee their well being and security.

They want someone that can fulfill their financial, emotional and physical needs; someone to nurture and push their dreams.

Also, another point to consider is stability. Some men tend to wait for that smooth constant flow of income before they put a finger on it.

They want a relative sense of ease in paying for the bills like rent, food, and school fees. Men as well wait to land someone that can boost their confidence, inflate their egos and make them feel like infallible kings.

So when should be the right time? Like the free cascading rivers without end, I am afraid that the answers will always flow into a bottomless pit.


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