Why Do Celebrity Women Go For Toy Boys?


Celebrity is an interesting phenomenon. Largely a construct of our own desires, we raise into the limelight people that we either love or love to hate.

These people represent extreme views of ourselves and hold up to the light of public attention that shines on them how we ourselves are represented.

So why do women go for younger men? There are dozens of reasons to be sure, but let’s concentrate on 3:

Youth is wasted on the Young

Celebrity around the world, by and large, is a young woman’s game. As you age there are more younger and more ‘trendy’ women rising up to steal the limelight away from you.

After all, it’s the young people of society who dominate the newest forms of technology and these invariably help drive celebrity as new ways to be exposed to them are developed (just think about life pre-Facebook and pre-Twitter…).

To try and remain current and relevant to the younger crowd, women can try to go for men many years their junior, granting them exposure to the core of the market more and hopefully prolonging their time being famous.


Power is always at play in the world of celebrity lifestyle and young, vigorous men can be seen as a powerful message to send to the competition.

In the same way that ‘trophy wives’ are taken by rich and powerful men particularly in banking and law industries in the Western world (where they commit money to secure a beautiful wife to show off that they can get a beautiful wife) are young men snapped up too. They are a trophy, a statement of intent.

Echo of our Desires

We mentioned at the start how celebrity is a mirror held up against ourselves and in this way we are no different. Why do women have younger men on their arm? Because it’s what we want them to do. It’s what we see as desirable.

We’re fairly confident that if you were in their position you would do the same, fame or not, if you were looking for a partner. We put youth on a pedestal sexually (rightly or wrongly) so this is what we look up to see.

So what can we learn from all of this? Well, celebrity is a game. It’s an endless merry-go-round at the funfair that has the brightest lights but also has the house of mirrors, showing us to ourselves in contorted extremes. We ask ourselves why celebrities behave like this. Why do we do the same?

Enjoy, and stay safe!


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