Brenda Nambi’s Latest Nude Photos Made Public


“Apologise? What did I do? I am not sorry because I take pictures every day. People shouldn’t judge me. What I do in my house is none of any other person’s business. Those were my boobs and everything that appeared there,” Brenda responded when asked to apologise about her nudes that had gone public.

And if we are to go with her response, Brenda has taken other nude pictures and you shouldn’t expect any apology from her!

The latest photos appear not to have been taken by herself as neither a phone or camera is seen. It is very likely she was helped by another person.

However, unlike her recent nudes, in which she appeared to be at a great distance from the camera, in the latest three photos that have already started making rounds on social, she is closer.

She is seen posing for the photos in what appears to be a corridor. In one of the photos, she faces the camera for all to see while in the others, she takes back view photos but still the mirror in front of her reflects her front view to the camera.

The photos have been released barely a month after her first nudes went public. However, we are yet to establish whether these nudes are deliberately released to the public or leaked. But what we know is that amid criticisms and the fact that the Brenda’s photos were all over the place, she appeared not shaken by these.

She started making radio and TV appearances to promote her latest music video, a day after her nudes went public.

This made her critics say that the release of the nudes was a deliberate move intended at promoting her song. May this be the reason? Yes, perhaps! The week in which her nudes were released, her name was the most searched for in Kenya while her nudes were the trending photos in Uganda.

Nambi first caught the eye when she was part of then best dance group in the country, Obsessions. She later, along with another member quit Obsessions and formed their own singing group, HB Toxic. The group had a handful of hits before it collapsed.

Nambi then took up designing and fashion but things didn’t go well and this also closed shop, perhaps the reason she is back into music.


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