Chameleone & Weasle Attack Pallaso In Club Silk!


Team No Sleep Member Pius Mayanja also known as Pallaso while Saturday appearing at club Amnesia accused his elder brothers of being envious of his music and success.

“All the news you hear or watch saying that I punch people are false. I have never punched anybody. The only knockout punch I use against them is my music. So, whatever they say just know they are afraid of my music and sucess,” Pallaso told a fully packed club where he made a surprise appearance.

Pallaso’s remarks came a day after he had been verbally stung by his elder brothers; Jose Chameleone and Weasle as they partied at Club Silk.

While Friday partying at Club Silk, Pallaso was restricted from fighting with his brothers by the Club’s security. This was after Chameleone and Weasle’s insults to Pallaso.

Chameleone, upon being handed the microphone by Pallaso who had arrived earlier on, he said that Pallaso isn’t supposed to be in their family (Clan) because he has put it in disrepute.

Chameleone added that Pallaso shouldn’t be behaving the way he is doing towards Radio and Weasle because these are the people who made him what he is today.

“When he went abroad (US), he turned into a criminal, who was in jail day in, day out. It is Radio and Weasle who managed to get him out of jail and brought him back to Uganda,” Chameleone said before asking Radio and Weasle to sing Obudde for Pallaso

Pallaso tried to reach where the singers were, saying that he was fade of being insulted in public and wanted to teach them a lesson but he stopped by security.

However, after a day wait, he Saturday got his opportunity when he scoffed at his brothers at Club Amnesia but thet hankfully no fight took place since apart from Pallaso, none of the was present at the club.

Pallaso fell out with Radio and Weasle shortly after returning to Uganda. Chameleone tried bringing the warring parts together but Pallaso snubbed his phone calls.


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