KCCA ED Jennifer Musisi Goes Gorilla Trekking in Bwindi

Jennifer Musisi Goes Gorilla Trekking

The Executive Director of Kampala, Mrs. Jennifer Musisi has kicked gorilla trekking offer her bucket list. Clad in a t-shirt with words Am Ugandan 100%, she made it on the epic gorilla trek within the Rushaga Sector of the Park. Her tshirt made her visible among the group of tourists who were mostly bazungu who had come to see the mountain gorillas. With a group of seven other tourists, they began their grand entry into the ancient tropical rain forest and tracked Nshongi Mountain Gorilla group.

The Park Wardens, Parks Guards and other Ugandans were happy to see a lady that has transformed Kampala City going on a gorilla trek within the jungles of the forest. ” You are welcome Madam Jennifer Musisi to Bwindi Impenetrable National Park”, the Park Warden greeted her. Jennifer replied with a shy face wondering how they discovered its her yet she was on her private holiday in the rural countryside.

Later they started their hike into the jungles in search of the great apes. With her walking stick, she ascended the hills as she looked for the prized mountain gorillas in their natural habitat. Once in while she would stop on the journey wondering how Banyakigezi are strong people who ascend the hills as if its normal walking. Like other tourists, she spent a full hour in the company of the great apes as they were going through their daily chores.

On return to the park the Rushaga Assembly Point, she was handed a certificate of merit and the park warden requested her to encourage more officials to visit the rare mountain gorillas in Bwindi.


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