Muzungu Labels Kimbugwe, Priscilla Ray, Lukoma, Esther Prostitutes

Kimbugwe, Lukoma, Akankwasa

Heiko Grund, a German national in a chat with a journalist Henry Kakensa Ndugwa has labelled Ugandan ladies that include;

Barbra Kimbugwe, Priscilla Ray, Hellen Lukoma, Esther Akankwasa among others prostitutes.

Heiko who was seen critically commenting on Esther’s Facebook posts, pinning her on things to do with her broken marriage to his friend Nico Damminger attracted the curiosity for a chat to find out how much he knew as he claimed to have had a chain of affairs with Ugandan girls.

Heiko has lived and worked in Uganda for over five years after which he moved to Tanzania in 2008 for business. Heiko has a 9-year-old son with a Ugandan girl Belinda Muyonjo, a sister to singer Cindy Sanyu.

Below is the chat;

Kakensa: What  is your view about Esther and Nico´s split?

Heiko Grund: Esther is a known prostitute same as her sister Priscilla Ray and him as a dog running after every girl in UG cz he cant get any in Germany that ugly fellow taking pics of him self in front of a mirror like a girl…lying to the girls he owns a company but is only a liitle salesman for them living in a tiny appartement in a little town….and there are many girls like that in uganda calling self celebrities but acting like prostitutes….. Lukoma as an example is just the same…or Kimbugwe….

Kakensa: How did you get to know about these Girls yet you are not a Ugandan and dont even live in Uganda but Tanzania?

Heiko Grund: I was living in UG 2002-2007… i know many of them
even the mother of my son is Ugandan.

Kakensa: Is the mother of your son also among these models?

Heiko Grund: she is a sister of Cindy…….Barbara Kimbugwe and Hellen Lukoma were also my girls until i found out their real intentions….but far before i go that far as that mister fake fake Nico,he took even a loan for this wedding and the Toyota Rav4 he bought to Esther

Kakensa: Sister to Cindy? what is her name? Cindy has also just separated from her husband

Heiko Grund:Belinda Muyonjo…same father different mothers…Belinda´s mom is from Kabale, Cindy´s mom is from Mbale. I know about Cindy`s split, because Mario is a cheating brat too

Kakensa: And are you are still with Belinda?

Heiko Grund: Yes, why,our son is 9

Kakensa: So you are married to her? thought she was just baby mother as you reffered to her?What happened about Kimbugwe Barbara and you? she is one of the most beautiful girls in Ug,infact miss uganda.Who would drop miss Uganda for Belinda?

Heiko Grund:hahahaaaaa….Belinda is much more beautiful then Barbara, Hellen or Cindy and you dont have to be married to have a kid and live together. Barbra Kimbugwe was actually my girl friend when she became miss UG 2004

Kakensa: I get your point,But why then did u label the others prostitutes?Heiko Grund:Look, where and what they are today ??? Barbara is selling her self over there in Orlando to rich guys….starting first with some blue movies to make cash,Hellen Lukoma …always wanted money money money,but having that little boy on the side she is engaged now to. Owori was also trying to sell Barbara off to KLA tycoons just like she did with all her models like Priscilla Ray etc.

Kakensa: What is your relationship with priscilla ray?
Heiko Grund: I am in Motorsport business, so these kind of girls smell $$$$ and are like flies on the sh*t. Priscilla Ray…was selling her p*ssy to Sudhir and Riyaz in those days thats why they bought her that green Toyota RAV4 which i personally checked out at Yuasa. Even when i was standing behind them at Big Mama´s waiting for Riyaz to come, I heard Sylivia Owori saying to her to be nice as they have big cash….I was laughing my ass off…then they saw me. And there are many other such girls lol,I should write a book about it.

Kakensa:So you were close to Owor too? Have you heard of her recent child scandal with former mayor of Kla?

Heiko Grund: Yes i know that pimp who calls her self a fashion designer just buying clothes in Asia and put her label into them….and yes i know the child she had with that mzungu who turned out black…lol

Kakensa:Do you think these girls fall for white men just for money? But Judith Heard has been married for years now.

Heiko Grund: And so ? what is she doing when the hubby is out of the country?
she pays little boys and gets fun. Not all of them love us for money,Cindy was really in love with Mario.

Kakensa: But that is just a rumor Heiko,no one has pointed out a boy Judith paid for fun.

Heiko Grund:Duuuuuuuuh…. I have seen her several times by my self even that night when she crashed the X5 complete drunk…we found her with a UG boy in d car,so not rumors. But anyway like i said, not all of them are like that but specially the ones praising them self high are the lowest. I exempt only Nambi, who is a good friend of mine.

Source: Kakensa E Media


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