Too Cool to Dance


As you know I always like to address issues that are affecting our society as a whole, providing you with an insight and a preferable solution. The issue I choose to address today is none other than a mindset that has gripped a huge number of Ugandan party-goers. The mind set I speak of is “Too cool to dance”, this mindset is more predominant in the male species and is characterized of the following symptoms:

  • The Individual tends to post up at the bar, where he/she will spend the entire night, scoping the area around them like a hawk in the sky, occasionally the said individual will leave his or her territory for a bathroom break but will always return to that exact spot
  • On hearing his/her favorite song, the individual will show acknowledgement by a nod of the head, snap of the finger, stamping of the feet or the clapping of the hands. These are techniques these individuals have adapted as a means to suppress the dancer within while still looking cool
  • The said individual will watch the actual dancers with an air of superiority and distaste. This distaste comes from the fact that they view dancers as inferior beings not worthy to be in the same radius as them…

Its at this point that the question arises,  why do they bother to go out? Often when you confront one of these individuals they will argue that its not that they are ‘too cool to dance’ it’s just that they prefer to do other things. For instance, listen to the music, drink, scope chics/dudes and hopefully pick or get picked up. As much as these seem like valid reasons, I would like to show you the bigger picture.

If this mindset is not addressed here is what is likely to happen:

  • Caucasians will take over the dance floors across the world. Refer to Justin Timberlake, Justin Bieber…
  • A rise in alcoholism, as dancing is known to regulate an individuals tolerance
  • A rise in obesity…kinda obvious
  • A rise in bar fights…say goodbye to the days of non violent dance-offs
  • A drop in the female self esteem

The list is endless. Now what can we do about it, if you are reading this and you feel you identify with the mentioned symptoms, then I want you to follow these four simple steps that will free you of any inhibitions and release the dancer within:

  • In the privacy of your home, play your favorite song and let the sweet sounds take over your body, you might find yourself trying to fight the urge but relax, let loose and your body will do the rest
  • If you have a partner pick a favorite song and create a dance routine for it, so the next time you are out and the song plays, you have no choice but to move to the beat and hopefully once you have started you won’t stop
  • After having practiced at home and you are satisfied with the results, go out and this time walk straight to the dance floor, forget everyone else around, imagine you are back in your room and just like you did in your room, DANCE!
  • Stand out, next time you find yourself around a group of “Too cool’s to dance” be the odd man out, pick out an individual and walk over to them and ask them to dance, not only will the group be impressed, they will follow suit and before you know it we will be saying good but to ‘Too cool to dance’

It begins with you! Till next time 1!


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