7 Effortless Secrets For Getting A Rental Car Upgrade In Uganda

car rental uganda

Who wouldn’t love a Car upgrade? Definitely not me or you. You can imagine the feeling of getting a beautiful balcony as well as a breathtaking sea view that you didn’t expect or pay for, flying on a business class when you actually paid for economy class. This feeling is just indescribable and you would be short of words.

Similarly, getting a car upgrade at the Car Rental Company is surely exciting and will make your self drive Uganda safari a wonderfully unforgettable start. Therefore, there are the 7 effortless secrets for getting a rental Car Upgrade in Uganda.

Just ask for one

There is no harm in asking for something and surely you will agree with the saying that “if you don’t ask, you won’t receive”. If you ever find yourself desiring a bigger and better car than you actually paid for, it is effortless, not wrong, and harmless to ask what else is available for that particular day and if there are some available offers, you could be lucky to get a more costly, swankier and better car at the same rate you had already paid.

Try haggling (or bargaining) on an upgrade offer

In most times when you are buying shoes, for instance, the seller will inform you of a better shoe but is more costly. Why not bargain and pay the same price for a better offer? This also applies to Rental Cars because booking agents will offer swankier cars but inform you that it comes at an extra cost and therefore exercise your bargaining power to see whether the car will be offered at a lower price. In most cases, booking agents don’t expect you to straightaway accept the quoted price and therefore leave room for negotiations. You might be lucky to get a better deal for the same amount.

Be a regular client

If you have a treasured safari destination, it pays off to always choose a particular Car Rental Uganda Company for your road trips as a way of building a cordial relationship with the staff. In this way, you are guaranteed of being paid off by the Company since it is their policy/habit. Because the Company staff receive many clients, there are chances of forgetting hence always remind them that you booked with them before and be sure of getting a Rental Car upgrade.

Right timing

The price/rate of Rental Cars in Uganda is mainly about demand and supply. For instance, if you get to the Company’s reservations desk later in the day, chances are high that you will find few cars in the Company’s Car Park. For this reason, there would be a higher chance of lacking some car models and therefore you can use this golden chance to ask for a Car upgrade to a particular more costly model that is in abundance. This becomes a win-win situation for you and the Car Rental Company.

Being nice and friendly at the Car Rental desk

Just like Hotel and flight bookings, being nice to front desk workers at a Car Rental Company definitely pays off. Clients always visit with this face of “a customer is a King” attitude which is true but doesn’t mean arrogance to the booking agent hence something as simple as being polite goes a long way in the wild world of travel. Just give a wide smile and you never know, you could be making the booking agent’s day and surprisingly make yours too.

Keep time

Some Car Rental customers are not aware that their booked Car won’t wait all day for them and therefore keep time at all times. If you book during the peak seasons (especially December), it is important to do it on time because there are chances that you will get more options to choose from.

Understand the Rental Car Categories

Another effortless secret for getting a Rental Car Upgrade in Uganda is simply “understanding the Car categories”. Rental Cars in Uganda come in categories, with different people preferring different models that are similar in Rental terms because they belong in the same category.


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